Podcast Episode #0325
Published by 25 February 2013, 9:10 PM EST

Battle of Gods. Battle of Gods? Battle of Gods…!

We are just about one month out from the debut of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in Japanese theaters, and excitement has finally reached the level beyond excitement which itself is beyond the level that previously surpassed excitement. This week on the show, in addition to breaking down all of the recent news (particularly about “Birusu”, the God of Destruction himself), we check in on what our expectations are for the movie, and where we think this darn thing is actually heading.

Episode #0325! VegettoEX and Hujio check in on “Battle of Gods” now that we are one month out from its debut in Japan. What have we learned about “Birusu” from the latest tidbits in magazines and video games? Where do we think the deeper plot elements are heading? What are our updated expectations for the movie? What questions do you all have that we can clarify based on what (little!) we know? Our collective excitement is maximum!


Enjoy! Discuss this episode on the Kanzenshuu forum.

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