Battle of Gods Made “With a View Toward International Screenings”
Published by 03 March 2013, 7:55 AM EST

This past Friday, a news posting to the official website for “Battle of Gods” laid out a list of “media exposure” for the new movie up through 10 March 2013, and first on the list was a Dragon Ball segment on the late-night NHK program “MAG Net”. Julian stayed up to watch it… and then fell asleep before the segment got underway. Luckily, forum regular kei17 was there to pick up our slack.

This episode, the program’s last, covered the ways Dragon Ball appeals to fans around the world, and gave a (very short) inside look into the new movie’s production. The highlight was an interview with Toei Animation producer Gyarmath Bogdan, the setup for which revealed matter-of-factly what we had long suspected:


To expand this sort of multi-faceted force in Dragon Ball, a foreign producer has been appointed for this work: Gyarmath Bogdan, age 44. He holds a distinctive résumé: born in Romania, he participated in the democracy movement before coming to Japan 21 years ago in order to study Japanese culture. Now, he has a role at a major animation production company. A new Dragon Ball release, with a view toward screenings overseas. Bogdan-san, involved in the work with a foreigner’s perspective, is obsessed with putting in many gags, where previous theatrical productions were centered around battles.

As for Bogdan himself, he had this to say about the movie’s production:


This time in particular, we had a request from (Akira Toriyama-) sensei to leave in not only the action, but also some truly enjoyable… the truly enjoyable aspects of Dragon Ball; Dragon Ball‘s chaotic feeling, and the action of Gohan’s battles, and of the Z Warriors, are mixed together very well, so I believe that has also helped make it an enjoyable movie.

While no overseas release has been announced at this time, it increasingly seems as though it will only be a matter of time until that happens.

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