“Dream 9 Super Collaboration Special” Plot Synopsis
Published by 05 March 2013, 11:30 PM EST

Last week the official Japanese Shōnen Jump website revealed the plot for the upcoming, two-part “Dream 9 Super Collaboration Special” set to air 07 April 2013 from 9:00 to 10:00 am on Fuji TV in Japan featuring Toriko, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z.

IGOが主催するレース、『天下一食おう会』。とある島で開かれた、この大会の優勝賞品は「カラットジューウシ」と呼ばれる稀少な高級食材。優勝を目指して、トリコと仲間たち、そして麦わらの一味が大会に参加する。そして、なんと、孫悟空ら、ドラゴンボールのメンバーも大会に参加していた。誰が一番強いか!? このコラボスペシャルでしか観ることのできなない『トリコVSルフィVS悟空』!最強決定戦の火蓋が切って落とされる!!


(First Part)
The IGO (International Gourmet Organization) is hosting the “World’s Best Eating Tournament” race. Held on a certain island, the tournament’s championship prize is the luxuriously rare “Carat Sizzled Cattle”. Toriko and his friends are aiming for the championship, and the Straw Hat Crew is set to participate in the event as well. And what’s this, it’s Son Goku and co. — the members of Dragon Ball are also competing in the event. Who will be the strongest?! “Toriko vs Luffy vs Goku” can only be seen in this collaboration special! The mightiest decisive showdown is kicking off!!

(Second Part)
The IGO (International Gourmet Organization) is hosting the “World’s Best Eating Tournament” race. When tournament champion Mister Satan1 serves up the championship prize, Carat Sizzled Cattle, to Luffy, Toriko, Goku, and co., Mansam2 reveals the shocking truth. According to him, the tournament has been held in order to lure out the Deep Sea Glutton, Akami, said to suck out the energy of living things. And then, sensing Luffy and co.’s power, Akami appears from out of the depths of the sea, but… the super killer technique of “Toriko+Luffy+Goku” (which can only be seen in this collaboration special) explodes!

1 “Mister Satan” — A fictional character from “Dragon Ball Z”
2 “Mansam” — The director of the IGO “Gourmet Research Institute” in “Toriko”

The TV special — a follow-up to two prior Toriko and One Piece crossovers from the last two years — airs one week after the debut of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in Japanese theaters.

The three franchises will also be joining forces at some point this year for a PlayStation 3 and Vita team battle crossover game called Project Versus J, which itself has not had any recent developments or updates in quite some time.

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  • Chuquita says:

    I still think Goku’s half-hearted enthusiasm in the drawing compared to the unbridled excitement of Luffy and Toriko is hilarious. XD

    Looking forward to the special; I follow DB and OP and know a little bit about Toriko, so I don’t think I’ll feel too lost while watching.

  • Insertclevername says:

    I wonder what other Dragon Ball characters will join in other than Gokuu and Mister Satan?

  • nslshockwave says:

    Very excited for this! I loved the Toriko and One Piece special so I’m really hoping this is even better considering Dragonball is my Fav of the 3 series.

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