“Battle of Gods” First Preview Screening Complete: Spoilers!
Published by 12 March 2013, 1:16 PM EDT

The first preview screening for the new film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, took place at Shinjuku Wald 9 earlier today in Japan. Voice actress Masako Nozawa and others were on hand to introduce the film. Nozawa was asked what she would wish for if she could have one wish come true, answering, “As long as the Earth exists, I want to keep doing Dragon Ball with Goku.” Otaku icon Shōko Nakagawa — who plays the “Oracle Fish” in the film — replies, “The words you just spoke will go down in history.” The introduction concludes with the entire audience performing a Kamehameha with Nozawa!


While Kanzenshuu staff were unable to secure tickets for either this screening or one of the screenings simulcast to locations across Japan (the movie drops nationwide in Japan 30 March 2013 and we will have our own first-hand accounts that same day), friend-of-the-site kei17 luckily made his way in! Until the 30th, for those of you absolutely dying for any more hints about the story, here you go! Be warned, as should likely go without saying at this point, that we are in full-on “spoiler” territory here.

  • The new “Super Saiyan God” form is a legendary form among the Saiyans that needs the power of six pure-hearted Saiyans. “Super Saiyan God” had appeared on Planet Vegeta once before to stop evil Saiyans, but he failed due to the form’s time limit.
  • Goku reaches this “Super Saiyan God” form — looking similar to the image seen on a Toei Animation office poster — surrounded by a red aura. Goku returns to his regular Super Saiyan form, but has now felt the form’s godlike power and is able to tap into it.
  • While there are only five Saiyans seen in the movie (Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten), there is actually a sixth: the one currently growing inside Videl (Pan)! Dende is the one to notice the pregnancy as he heals Videl from inadvertently being shot by Mai, all thanks to a drunken Gohan.
  • Pilaf and his gang make a wish to Shenlong to restore their youth, but are then made too young.
  • “Uisu” does not fight at all, but “Birusu” reveals that Uisu is his martial arts master and is even stronger than he is.
  • Birusu reveals that there are actually “12 universes”, and what we see in the Dragon World is but one of them — this ties in with the seemingly-out-of-the-blue notation in Chōzenshū 1: Story & World Guide that states Planet Earth, where Goku & co. live, is Planet 4032-877, and is part of the “Seventh Universe”.

Check back soon for a longer summary of the film!

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  • ea575 says:

    Most interesting…

  • kakarot88 says:

    Awesome! I’m kind of disappointed there was not a new look to it though.

  • nslshockwave says:

    Yea I agree it’s kind of a let down that it doesn’t have a new form but all in all I still think its a very cool idea and still can’t wait to see the film!

  • Lance Freeman says:

    And the award for “best way of telling your boyfriend he’s going to be a dad ever” goes to…

  • barunks says:

    So not only does “Super saiyan god” not have a new look to it, it comes seemingly out of nowhere within the the overall dragonball lore, and we’ll probably never see it again’; but we also have a character that’s even more powerful than the main villain and we never even get to see him/her (I’m still not entirely sure) kick any ass? I get the feeling that once the whole “OMFG the first Dragonball movie in forever this is awesome!” phase is over most fans will look to this movie as one of the lesser films. Then again I obviously haven’t seen it yet , so I can’t make that judgement just yet.

  • fizzer says:

    Uisu being more powerful may be an opening for a sequel. I think this will be one of the best films, because of the run-time, the apparent humour and the amount of work that’s gone into it. My only problem with “Super Saiyan God” is that it’s never been mentioned before.

  • Kaboom says:

    Apparently, Saikyo Jump claims that Gohan and Videl are already married at this point.

  • toribrujo says:

    OK, but Bra?? Her is a saiyan

  • Lance Freeman says:

    Hey yeah, where is she? Did she wind up in the same mystic void of non-existance that Goten did in movie 9?

  • barunks says:

    Exactly where Goten belongs I say.

  • SaiyaJedi says:

    The confusion over Pan and Bra stems from Daizenshuu 7, which accidentally lists Bra as being born in both Age 778 and Age 780. (Pan is unambiguously born in Age 779.)

    I forget which of the two dates is now the official one for Bra, but I’m guessing it’s probably 780 if they’re making Pan out to be older.

  • shmike says:

    This wouldn’t be the first time we saw a movie only transformation, be it the Miscolored Kaio-ken, I mean the “Super Saiyan” from DBZ Movie 4, or even perhaps the Spirit Bomb charged Super Saiyan from Movie 7, or the whatever the heck the powerup was that lead to Goku defeating Brolly (maybe you could call it a half-Super Saiyan God since it involved 3 Saiyans,)

  • tyro says:

    I just wanted to point out that there’s a grammar mistake on the last bullet point. It says “Birusu reveals that there are actually “12 universes”, and **what see** in the Dragon World is but one of them…” which I guess should say “what’s seen” or “what we see” or something.

    Awesome work guys! From Japan, to you guys, to us fans, you make keeping up with all of Dragonball fun and practical.

  • krakabeast says:

    Uisu is stronger than Birusu, but doesn’t fight? FAIL

  • saiyanz says:

    I’m confused, was this the full movie, or just a preview? If the former, why would they air the full movie 17 days before the official release date?

  • takuy says:

    Mr. Popo was probably stronger than Frieza. Why didn’t he fight?
    Dai Kaio was probably stronger than Cell. He didn’t fight either.

  • Daimakku says:

    I’m still hyped to watch this movie, but I gotta say I’m kind of disappointed by some of the plot devices in here.. there needs to be 6 saiyans to unlock the SSJ God mode? Why 6? How convenient for the Z fighters. And Uisu being stronger than the God of Destruction himself doesn’t sit well with me either.. that’s just stupid.
    The whole “there’s 12 universes” thing is interesting though, and opens things up for more Dragonball stuff in the future.. I still wanna know why 12 universes specifically, though.

    Will still watch, but I’ll be watching with caution now.

  • barunks says:

    Wait, if the main DBZ world is the 7th universe, does this mean that Future Trunks’ alternate timeline is one of the other 11 or is that a completely different ball game?

  • zsupervegetaz says:

    Tarble is non canon…but so is thi movie so there’s no reason to complan over that,all non canon moies have plot holes,that’s how we know it’s non canon……I see sequel movies coming(prays to god that their will be…im athiest and im praying o God XD)

  • viltsu300 says:

    This movie IS CANON

  • VegettoEX says:

    No-one in any official capacity has ever used the word “canon” to describe this movie.

    All of the press materials have stated it to take place in the “official history” of the series, which simply means they actually took their time and tried to make it fit into the manga’s continuity. If you want to take it from there and consider it canonical (due to that statement, plus Toriyama’s involvement, along with or even in spite of some of the other things about the movie), well… sure… knock yourself out.

    It’s also perfectly valid to think that the only “canon” that will ever exist for the franchise is the original 519-chapter run of the manga literally penned by Toriyama himself in its entirety.

  • evilyooki says:

    If Videl really is pregnant with Pan it’s like 5 years after Boo saga and Trunks and Goten should be around 13 and 12 but they still look like little children, so how can this take place in the “official history” ❓

  • Lance Freeman says:

    A wizard did it. That’s why Goten and Trunks haven’t aged in 4-5 years.

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