Lawson and Mini Stop “Battle of Gods” Food Products
Published by 13 March 2013, 2:26 PM EDT

Japanese convenience stores Lawson and Mini Stop have added — in addition to previous offerings, such as the awesome “Dragon Bowl” — an assortment of food products in support of the upcoming fim Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.


Lawson has available, starting yesterday:

  • Karaage-kun fried chicken, shrimp-chilli flavor (¥210)
  • Fried curry bun with gooey soft-boiled egg inside (¥155)
  • Fluffy Kinto’un Bread (¥130; milk & whip)
  • Makankōsappō Snack, wasabi flavor (¥148)
  • Babystar Ramen-Maru, chicken flavor with spicy garlic flavor bits
  • Pafu-Pafu Marshmallows, strawberry flavor
  • Kinto’un Cotton Candy, lemon flavor
  • Dragon Ball Mug & Jelly  (¥398)
  • Super God Water (¥110; a vitamin C lemonade-esque drink)
  • Dragon Ball Z boxed tissues (¥198)

There are also other, non-food items that are not listed on the website, such small toy-type things and cases to put things in as well. Next week Lawson will also have a Yakiniku Fusion Bento (beef & pork).


Mini Stop has available, starting yesterday:

  • “Dragon Balls” (¥250; pizza bites)
  • Super Saiyan x French Fries (¥198)
  • Piccolo Daimaō‘s Matcha Double Chou (¥150)
  • “Dragon Balls you eat with a spoon” (¥180)

Starting today, Mini Stop also has available:

  • Majin Boo’s Milk Pudding (¥240)

On the 25th, Mini Stop will start selling:

  • “Goku’s Nyoibō Stick Bread” (¥125; this is already available at Lawson, and does not appear to be an exclusive)
  • “Kuririn’s Whip & Chestnut Cream Bread” (¥125)

Finally, on the 26th, they will start selling:

  • One-Star Ball Tenshinhan (¥590; this obviously being the food, and not the character!)
  • Genki-Dama Onigiri (¥250; a seaweed-wrapped rice ball with “spicy curry” flavored rice and a soft-boiled egg in the center)
  • “Kamehameha Rice” (¥398)
  • Seven-Ingredient Yakisoba (¥420 yen)
  • Kamesen-Style Roll (¥198; not available in all areas)
  • Vegeta’s Vegetable Salad (¥398)
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