4th & 5th “Please Tell Us, Akira Toriyama-sensei!!” Q&As
Published by 24 March 2013, 6:57 PM EDT

The new series of Q&As with original manga author Akira Toriyama — “Please Tell Us, Akira Toriyama-sensei!!” — continue in today’s issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump (2013 #17) in Japan. While the last three issues have included one Q&A each about the upcoming film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, today’s issue includes two.

What is Super Saiyan God?!
[Super Saiyan] God’s appearing was set from the very start of production. There’s a line in the movie, too, but even I thought, “‘God’ is an exaggeration…”. (laughs) As for the design, I made it by taking Super Saiyan, which I’d made flashy up through “3”, and paring it down to the absolute limit.

What are your thoughts on having participated in the movie?
It was fun~! This time, I devoted myself exclusively to creating the story, so I was happy most of all at how it became several times more enjoyable by other people’s hands. In particular, the climactic battle exceeded my expectations by far!!

We will continue to archive each of Toriyama’s answers on the respective page of our “Translations” section if any more are included after the movie’s release.

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  • batistabus says:

    All these Toriyama interviews lately have been giving me hope for future Dragon Ball content. He seems more than happy to come up with the story just as long as he doesn’t have to draw everything.

  • As much as I’m happy that Toriyama is answering these questions, I almost feel like “why bother?” His answer to “What is Super Saiyan God”? gives us absolutely no new information. Thanks, Toriyama! Boy, knowing that you took the Super Saiyan design and toned it down really helps explain what SSG is. The answers are SO Japanese…

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