“DB Heroes: Victory Mission” Chapter 8 in June V-Jump
Published by 21 April 2013, 9:37 PM EDT

The still-mysterious “Toyotarō” keeps plugging away at the monthly Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission mini-promotional-manga in V-Jump, now on its eighth chapter in the June 2013 issue, with five pages.


“Froze’s Secret” (フローズの秘密 / Furōzu no Himitsu) deals with the aftermath of the battle. After Beat’s loss, the girls say it is too bad, but the other guy was a battle machine with no emotion whatsoever. Beat reflects to himself that it is not true: he saw him smile. Since she is there, the other girl challenges Note to a duel, and they go against each other… that is, until their machine is accidentally unplugged by Froze, who is being pushed around by a pair of bullies, making fun of his devotion to his cards. “Shit!” he says, “Cards is not garbage!” (in “English”). The bullies are unmoved, and their apparent leader gloats over his ultimate rare Beerus card, which makes all other cards worthless to him.

Beat, Note, and the other girl intervene, stepping in to take on the bullies and wipe the floor with them (in real life). Beat hands Froze’s cards back to him, saying he now understands why he could not win against him. Just then, Froze’s parents show up (also speaking English), and Froze departs (“Dad, mam [sic], let’s go home”). Beat says he will get stronger, so they should battle again. Froze walks out with an, “I’m game”.

This latest chapter has been cataloged on our “Official Manga Spin-offs” page of the “Manga Guide“.

The June 2013 issue of V-Jump is available for purchase at CDJapan and Amazon Japan.

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