“Dragon Ball Heroes” Galaxy Mission 8 Preview
Published by 23 April 2013, 11:09 AM EDT

While Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS continues to lead the pack on the homefront, the original arcade version of the game also triumphantly carries onward. So far 2013 has seen both the “Galaxy Mission 6” and “Galaxy Mission 7” updates, the latter of which has incorporated a wealth of material from the new film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

The upcoming “Galaxy Mission 8” — previewed in this month’s (June 2013) issue of V-Jump in Japan — brings things back around to villains and characters that had not yet been given a chance to shine. The single-player Age Mission for “Galaxy Mission 8” has Garlic Jr. as the main boss. The player will have to progress across the map and get to Castle Garlic. Meanwhile, other movie boss characters will enter the fray such as Hirudegarn, Broli, Coola, Tullece, Slug, and Beerus. There are additional characters to complement the villains, as well — for example, Garlic Jr.’s minions from the movie are along for the ride.


“Galaxy Mission 8” kicks off in the arcade version of Dragon Ball Heroes 18 May 2013 in Japan.

The June 2013 issue of V-Jump — which also contains the eighth chapter of the on-going promotional manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission — is available for purchase at CDJapan and Amazon Japan.

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