Miracle Battle Carddass Gains “Z-Warriors Gather” Starter Decks
Published by 23 April 2013, 10:16 AM EDT

Earlier this month (12 April 2013), the “Z-Warriors Gather” starter deck for Miracle Battle Carddass saw a release in Japan featuring characters from the “Miracle of God” booster among others.


“Miracle of God” itself includes a number of movie villains, including Broli, Hirudegarn, Slug, Coola, Merged #13, Tullece, and Beerus, though these are not included as a part of the “Z-Warriors Gather” starter deck. This month’s (June 2013) issue of V-Jump covers the “Miracle of God” expansion’s “Omega Rare” cards.

Each starter deck comes with 40 cards, 10 Jumpower, play sheet, and rule sheet for ¥1260 (tax inclusive) and are available for order online at sites such as Amazon Japan.

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