Published by VegettoEX
23 April 2013, 10:16 AM EDT

Earlier this month (12 April 2013), the “Z-Warriors Gather” starter deck for Miracle Battle Carddass saw a release in Japan featuring characters from the “Miracle of God” booster among others.


“Miracle of God” itself includes a number of movie villains, including Broli, Hirudegarn, Slug, Coola, Merged #13, Tullece, and Beerus, though these are not included as a part of the “Z-Warriors Gather” starter deck. This month’s (June 2013) issue of V-Jump covers the “Miracle of God” expansion’s “Omega Rare” cards.

Each starter deck comes with 40 cards, 10 Jumpower, play sheet, and rule sheet for ¥1260 (tax inclusive) and are available for order online at sites such as Amazon Japan.

  1. raykugen

    Mike, the official name pun it wasn’t Birus? If not, can you show me the source? Thank you!

    23 April 201310:39 AM EDT
  2. gozar

    I’ve been considering starting to collect these for a while. Now may finally be my excuse to start!

    23 April 201310:46 AM EDT
  3. alakazam

    The original pun comes from “virus” but Toriyama named Beers attendant as ” Whis” (from whisky) because he thought the pun was on beverage. Shueisha endorses “Beers” and “Whis” and that’s what appeared in the movie pamphlet.

    23 April 201311:54 AM EDT
  4. SaiyaJedi

    We mention the name puns and their origins on our movie overview page:

    23 April 20134:59 PM EDT