Special Podcast Episode: DBZ Video Game Music #1
Published by 26 May 2013, 7:10 AM EDT

This week on the show we are taking a break from our usual news and topical discussions to dip into the past a little bit and share some stories. We love the music from the series here at Kanzenshuu, but we also love the franchise’s video game music. For a bunch of us over a certain age, discovering this almost alternate world of Dragon Ball music was this amazing, strange, new world of extended fandom. We brought on a whole slew of friends and special guests to tell these stories of how they discovered the music and what the songs meant to them (and still do mean to them!). Please enjoy this jump into our collective fandom’s history, as well as the songs that defined our younger years.

The Kanzenshuu crew brings on an incredible group of special guests to dive into the Dragon Ball franchise’s rich history of video game music. What were some of the songs that defined our early fandom, and why do they still mean so much to us? Our focus is up through the 32-bit era, so join us for a history lesson and some rockin’ tunes!

Enjoy! Discuss this episode on the Kanzenshuu forum. We would love to hear what some of your own picks are from this era of video games!

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