Nozawa Interview Translations: DBGT Perfect File & Weekly Asahi
Published by 29 May 2013, 4:06 PM EDT

It was absolutely amazing to see Masako Nozawa in person this previous weekend down at Animazement in North Carolina. Across multiple panels, the actress provided endless stories from the recording booth along with her own insight into the character of Son Goku.

This makes it all the more fascinating to dive into two particular interviews. The first comes from 1997 within the last of the two Dragon Ball GT Perfect File books, while the second comes from just this past March from the Japanese news and commentary magazine Weekly Asahi.

In the former, in addition to speaking about what was at the time a final wrap-up on voicing Goku, Nozawa relates her favorite moment and non-Goku character from the series, which surprisingly match up exactly as she answered them 16 full years later this past weekend. In the latter, Nozawa lowers her guard with columnist Mariko Hayashi and talks about her family, changing feelings about acting styles and roles in the industry, and more importantly than anything else, explains how it is she has somehow managed to not so much as catch a cold in decades!

Both interviews have been archived on our “Translations” page.

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  • nightstar1994 says:

    “That, and having been able to play Goku, Gohan, and Goten through to completion without damaging my health or even once letting another person substitute in my role over 12 years, I consider a point of pride.”

    Wait wasn’t Goku’s voice replaced for a second to Captain Ginyu’s VA for the roar he did during turing SSJ? I know it’s like non-existant but yeah :p

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