Published by VegettoEX
01 June 2013, 12:26 PM EDT

Japanese sites have all started listing the DVD and Blu-ray home release of the new film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, which gives us an impressive glimpse at all of the extras coming along with both the standard and “Limited Edition” versions!

The standard edition on both DVD and Blu-ray will come in a special slipcase cover, which somewhat strangely says “The Battle of Gods” on the spine and case despite the cover of the movie sticking with the standard “Battle of Gods” (sans-“the”) title.


The “Limited Edition” version on both DVD and Blu-ray will come with a slew of extras. In addition to the main feature disc (which will contain a “trailer collection” and “design materials collection”), the bonus disc (which will be a DVD regardless of which version you buy) has a few great things currently planned: a recording studio report, an interview collection, and a “Day 1 on-stage greeting” (the last of which probably refers to the one at Marunouchi Toei in Tokyo). In terms of physical extras, we can look forward to a “Super Saiyan God three-dimensional wall figure”, a postcard set of all 18 theatrical features, and a special booklet.


Amazon Japan has their own exclusive version of the “Limited Edition” Blu-ray release (priced at the same ¥9,240, but without any discount; the non-exclusive “Limited Edition” is currently a whopping ¥2,402-off) that comes with a steelbook:


The movie is currently available for pre-order in various versions on the following websites, and is officially due out 13 September 2013:

CDJapan indicates that first-press editions will also come with a poster, so get those pre-orders in soon if you are interested!

  1. sangofe

    Do you recommend CD Japan or Amazon?

    01 June 201312:34 PM EDT
  2. goku262002

    Whats sad is that when it does come over here It’ll probably most likely be just some add-on to a cheap Kinect game instead of being a really cool box set like this. 🙁

    01 June 20138:21 PM EDT
  3. daimorukiri

    It depends, I just placed my order on Amazon mainly just because I buy everything on amazon and it’s great as I can log onto amazon USA and JP with the same account so my payment details are always the same. I’ve only bought the Kanzenban’s from CD-Japan in one order to save on shipping.

    I can’t wait to pop this into my ps3^^

    01 June 20138:22 PM EDT
  4. worldmonsters

    My biggest question is, what’s the chance of this having English subs?! 😮

    01 June 20138:31 PM EDT
  5. DragonBoxZTheMovies

    What’s the chance of an English movie having Japanese subtitles? 😉 In other words, not very high.

    01 June 201310:31 PM EDT
  6. Chuquita

    Pre-ordered the limited edition bluray on CDJapan with FedEX shipping. Very much looking forward to it. X3

    02 June 201312:52 AM EDT
  7. sangofe

    So, the Amazon limited edition version has more extras than the others?

    02 June 20134:49 AM EDT
  8. SaiyaJedi


    It comes with a Steelbook, as mentioned in the news post.

    02 June 20135:38 AM EDT
  9. sangofe

    Is the Steelbook the thing to the right upper corner in the image, or the left?×250.jpg

    02 June 20135:59 AM EDT
  10. saiyamanms

    So, earlier today I went and pre-ordered the limited edition DVD. I was tempted to go for the Blu-Ray, but I figured with the DVD I can screencap things using my computer’s DVD drive.

    So, Blu-Ray can wait until we get an English release, I suppose! Really hope we get some word on Funi being involved on this soon, or at the very least, Fox using their voice talent.

    02 June 20136:42 AM EDT
  11. pretorious

    If you get Google to translate the standard or limited edition blu-ray pages on Amazon, the first review is titled “Oh the crust!” I just wanted to point that out. 😀

    02 June 201310:52 AM EDT
  12. sangofe

    Oh, thanks. I guess I was a bit blind for not seeing it after reading the newspost… I just got confused in (what was in the parentheses)

    So, if you choose the limited edition blu ray without the steel box, you get it 2402 yen cheaper?

    02 June 20131:06 PM EDT
  13. superghostkamikaze

    I seen that CDJapan indicated that first press releases will come with a poster, What about Amazon will it also come with a poster since its a first press release also?

    02 June 20138:47 PM EDT
  14. dodonpa

    I’m disappointed at the little official art this movie has received. Only the image of Goku of the teaser, the movie poster and the characters designs… I’m tired of seeing them over and over again.

    03 June 20135:42 PM EDT