Published by VegettoEX
07 June 2013, 6:32 PM EST

Originally leaked in February and formally revealed earlier this week, FUNimation’s upcoming “Rock the Dragon” collector’s set now has an official trailer:

The set is slated to contain the original 53 episodes of FUNimation’s edited English dub produced from 1996-1998 in conjunction with Ocean Studios (voices) and Shuki Levy (music), as well as the first versions of DBZ Movies 1-3 as produced from 1997-1998 in conjunction with Pioneer (later Geneon). DBZ Movie 3 first saw the light of day in North America from FUNimation as a three-part series of “episodes” during the second season of the original syndication broadcast. If we had to guess from the trailer, it appears that this version will be contained within the set, as opposed to the uncut, faithful re-dub that was produced for VHS, Laserdisc, and DVD in 1998.

All of this material was released on VHS and DVD, with the exception of the TV edit of DBZ Movie 3. A home release appeared to have been planned at some point for the edited version, and it was this edited version that was later reused for Cartoon Network broadcasts, but only the uncut re-dub ever made it to home video.

The trailer also gives a very brief glimpse at the 48-page booklet that will accompany the set, which is stated to showcase, “the characters, history, and tropes that helped elevate Dragon Ball Z to the pop culture phenomenon it is today.”

In addition to Anime Corner Store and RightStuf, pre-orders have also gone up on Amazon. While the MSRP for the set is $99.98, retailers have it priced online between $60-70. The set drops 20 August 2013, and we will rock the wagon with the rotten dragon as we watch our “Rock the Dragon” set.

(Didn’t anyone else ever watch the original broadcast with the closed-captions on…? Just us…?)

  1. daimorukiri

    Damn, pure nostalgia right there!

    07 June 20138:48 PM EST
  2. ea575


    08 June 201311:03 PM EST
  3. SparkyPantsMcGee

    Funimation has literally released every possible variation of this show for every single type of fan. I have to give them all the respect in the world because I don’t think any other anime has seen this type of treatment.

    09 June 20131:08 AM EST
  4. sangofe

    Wow, people are actually wanting to buy the super censored and changed version that you could record on VHS back in the day and that has been released by Geneon before? I… don’t get it.

    09 June 20134:19 AM EST
  5. pretorious

    sangofe, it’s because this is what many people grew up with. Why do you think so many people are talking about nostalgia? Sometimes it’s fun to relive your childhood! That’s the whole point here. The Geneon/Pioneer ones are out of print, much more expensive to buy new, and don’t come with the collector’s booklet.

    09 June 201310:21 AM EST
  6. pretorious

    And the Geneon releases don’t collect everything (including the movies) in one convenient box. (Sorry for posting after myself.)

    09 June 201310:24 AM EST
  7. nathantheguitarist

    This is so awesome. And the TV version of Tree of Might will be pretty nice to have on an official release. Can’t wait for the Rock the Dragon Box!

    09 June 20137:33 PM EST
  8. fizzer

    Damn FUNimation never making their videos available in my country 🙁

    11 June 20136:37 AM EST
  9. jonjon

    I have the VHS box sets and the old Pioneer DVD movie box set from ages ago…a real collector’s edition to me is worth it. I can make ISO back ups of the DVDs and not worry about my vhs boxes deteriorating 🙂

    Worth it!

    14 June 20135:00 PM EST