Tōru Furuya Announced As Guest For Anime Revolution 2013
Published by 22 June 2013, 7:42 PM EDT

It may be hard to top this spring’s Animazement down in North Carolina, but Anime Revolution up in Vancouver, Canada is kicking things into overdrive in terms of guest announcements, themselves. Of particular note for Dragon Ball fans is the one and only Tōru Furuya, the voice of Yamcha. Furuya also played Goku Jr.’s friend Pack in the Dragon Ball GT TV special.

While only marginally related to Dragon Ball (having provided the Japanese dub voice for Goku in the live action Dragon Ball Evolution), voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi has also been announced as a guest for the convention. Today’s big shōnen fans likely know Yamaguchi best as Usopp in One Piece.

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