Viz To Release Print Edition of “Full Color Comics”
Published by 07 July 2013, 6:44 PM EDT

Viz Media announced today during its industry panel at Anime Expo in California that they will be releasing a print edition of the Dragon Ball “Full Color Comics” beginning in February 2014.

Anime News Network’s coverage of the panel notes:

Viz Media will release Dragon Ball Full Color Edition on February 4, 2014 for US$19.99. The volume will be a larger size than regular manga, and will be about the same size as an American graphic novel.

In Japan, Shueisha is currently releasing digital-only versions of the first sixteen volumes of the Dragon Ball manga (and onward) in addition to print editions of the remainder of the series (starting with the Saiyan arc onward). The latest releases are the five volumes of the Freeza arc (released 04 April 2013); no print editions of the Cell and Majin Boo story arcs have been announced as-of-yet.

Viz is currently publishing the “Full Color” edition of the Saiyan arc in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital release with one chapter per week.

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  • BobZ says:

    I wish they didn’t do this. Now I’ll have to buy it. :/

  • rukura says:

    Yay. More censored Dragon Ball manga from Viz with the same translation from…how many years ago?….with no fixes at all.

  • fizzer says:

    Well, I guess I’ll have to try selling my Japanese ones now… And my Viz tankobons if this is the whole manga, and it’s uncensored.

  • Kaboom says:

    You’re running out of chances here, Viz. Don’t go wasting them

  • Chuquita says:

    I already have the manga, and I won’t double dip on the whole thing, but if they eventually put out the first half, I still might get volumes 15 and 16 just to have the 23rd tournament in color.

  • jrdemr says:

    Real nice timing, Viz. It’s barely been a week since I started buying the original Tankoubon and the japanese full color edition. Well, since they hasn’t even arrived yet, I guess I could try returning them (just hope customs don’t charge me!).

    Anyone know if they’re starting with the very first chapter of the series or with the Z-Era first chapter (#195)?

  • jrdemr says:

    (Jesus, I remeber I even tried tweeting them about it before buying all of these books, but no answer. Thanks a lot…)

  • Wonder if the print edition will be the same as the English WSJ edition (which is actually handled by Shuiesha staff), or if it’ll be redone by Viz, with better typesetting and so forth.

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