REVIEW: Viz Dragon Ball 3-in-1 Edition Vol. 1
Published by 08 July 2013, 2:07 PM EDT

We began receiving an official English translation of the Dragon Ball manga from Viz around fifteen years ago. If you asked me then how many editions we would have in fifteen years’ time, I likely would not have been able to come up with anything resembling an accurate answer. Much like I will be purchasing Raditz on home video for the umpteenth time later this year, I recently purchased Pilaf in comic-form for the umpteenth time.


Last month, Viz began releasing their new “3-in-1” edition of the Dragon Ball manga, not to be confused with the “Viz Big” version, which was also a 3-in-1 edition of the Dragon Ball manga. Purported to be uncut and uncensored, this latest version packs 36 chapters between Kanzenban cover artwork, but what are you really getting between those red pages…? Read on for the full scoop.

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  • B says:

    Completely aggravating.

  • Kaboom says:

    Intentionally insulting or not, using the Kanzenban covers for such a blatantly un-Kanzenban release is still a huge kick in the balls.

    I’m so glad I managed to snatch up the Viz Big editions while they were still new and easily available. They’re not perfect, but they’re still the best thing Viz has put out so far. These full-color editions coming next year are Viz’s last chance to entice me with something better.

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