“Super Butōden” To Be Featured On “Game Center CX”
Published by 03 August 2013, 2:54 PM EDT

Super Butōden 2, the second of a three-game fighting series on the Super Famicom, received a lot of love on our special DBZ video game music retrospective podcast episode. While the first game also had a pretty great soundtrack, the actual game itself is generally regarded as a rather below-average showing.

It is then perhaps no surprise that the first Super Butōden will be featured on the next episode of Japanese television show Game Center CX. Arino-san will attempt to conquer the game during Episode 165, which airs this coming week on 08 August 2013.


Under the name Retro Game Challenge and/or Master, various episodes of the show have been released stateside in different capacities both online and on home video, as well as the first of two Nintendo DS games.

The Dragon Ball franchise’s first Nintendo Famicom game, Shenron no Nazo (“The Mystery of Shenlong”, actually released stateside under the title Dragon Power, and due out again soon in a Nintendo 3DS compilation), was previously featured back on Episode 70 of the show. After 14 hours of gaming, Arino was unfortunately unable to complete the game.


Big thanks to our buddy Adamant for the heads-up!

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