Color Manga Likely to Use Updated Kanzenban Ending
Published by 31 August 2013, 12:17 PM EDT

Today is the final day of the “Mainichi Dragon Ball” (“Dragon Ball Every Day”) feature on the “Jump LIVE!” app. The app has been an interesting experiment from Shueisha, with new content — some free, some available for a 100-yen “subscription” — every day throughout the month of August. Plenty of exclusive material (including supplemental Jaco the Galactic Patrolman information) has been made available, and this last day’s content may be of interest to Dragon Ball manga superfans.

A preview of the last chapter in the fight against Majin Boo — 516 — is displayed in its (eventual) full color variation, and it is indeed the updated version from 2004’s Kanzenban release. In the revised chapter, the final page depicting the pure Majin Boo’s death is extended to two pages, with additional dialogue given to Vegeta.


This was not the only change in the Kanzenban, of course: the final chapter was extended in order to more clearly show Goku “passing the torch” to Oob, and also (somewhat controversially among fans) give Vegeta the last word. While we cannot say for certain, this and previous art edits (such as the corrected “WELL COME” sign in chapter 205) make it seem increasingly likely that the colorized version, if and when it is released, will contain the altered ending.

Print editions of the “Full Color Comics” came from Shueisha earlier this year covering the entirety of the Saiyan and Freeza arcs of the “Z”-portion of the series alongside digital versions of the same portion and earlier chapters. The “Artificial Humans & Cell arc” was recently announced for digital release this coming September.

Viz is currently publishing the digital version in English (beginning with the Saiyan arc this past February) as a single chapter in each issue of their own Weekly Shonen Jump with a print edition coming in February 2014.

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  • jrdemr says:

    This new release of the manga is shaping up to be even more interesting than I originally thought. If the entire series makes its way to print (*fingers crossed*), it may be the only way non-japanese-speaking fans may have access to the updated kanzenban version. Making the Full Color Comics a sort of “Super Kanzenban”, if you will 😛

  • jeffjarrett says:

    The kanzenban version was released in France, so it’s already accessible to non-japanese-speaking fans

  • jrdemr says:

    Lol, forgot about the foreign versions of the kanzenban. The only way *english*-speaking fans may have access to the updated kanzenban version, then 😛

  • Makes me happy I waited for these over buying the Kanzenban and the VizBigs/3-in-1s. If Viz gets to releasing the Cell-Buu arcs after the Saiyan-Freeza volumes, this “Color Kanzenban”, if you will, shall make a nice companion to my SJ Tankobans on the bookshelf.

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