Podcast Episode #0344
Published by 30 September 2013, 8:56 PM EDT

The same day of its original Japanese theatrical release, on Episode #0328 of our podcast, we did our first review of the new film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

The Japanese home release hit just a couple weeks ago, and the rest of us not in Japan are ready to take it on! Listen in as Heath, Mike, and Meri dive into the film, its story, its characters, and more.

Episode #0344! VegettoEX, Hujio, and Meri review “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” now that its Japanese home release has finally hit. What were our individual expectations heading into the film, do the new characters justify their existence as new extensions to the Dragon World, and most importantly, is it simply a good movie or not? Catching up on a bit of news wraps up the episode!


Enjoy! Discuss this episode on the Kanzenshuu forum, and do not forget the ever-present, ever-ongoing, gigantic, 700+ page Battle of Gods thread on our forum.

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