“J-Stars Victory Vs” (PS3/Vita) Pre-Orders Now Available
Published by 28 October 2013, 11:31 AM EDT

Next year’s gigantic celebratory Jump franchise-based multiplayer fighting game for the PlayStation 3 and Vita — J-Stars Victory Vs — finally received a release date this month: 19 March 2014. We also received a pricing structure for the game at the same time, which also revealed that both systems would each be receiving standard and “Limited Edition” releases of the game; the “Limited Edition” will run ¥10,980 and ¥9,980 on the PS3 and Vita respectively, while the normal edition will run ¥7,980 and ¥6,980 for the same platforms.

The “Limited Edition” version is also being referred to as the “Anime Song Sound Edition”, as it will come packed with 21 theme songs from the animated adaptations of the series whose characters appear in the game. No specific tracks are currently specified, though it notes that the versions used will be the TV-size edits, and some may be further modified for the game.


Online retailers are slowly getting their pre-order listings ready:

Play-Asia currently has two listings for the game — PlayStation 3 and Vita — but does not having pricing information or separate selections for either the regular or “Limited Edition” versions.

Son Goku and Vegeta are the two characters currently announced from Dragon Ball, alongside a wealth of other characters from Jump series old and new alike.

Unlike international Nintendo 3DS gamers with J Legend Retsuden, both the PlayStation 3 and Vita are region-free on the current-generation game hardware level.

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