Manga UK Licenses “Dragon Ball GT” For Home Distribution
Published by 29 October 2013, 9:08 AM EDT

The ninth and final orange brick for the Dragon Ball Z TV series just saw its release via Manga UK this week, and the company seems ready to move on to the logical next step.

This week, the company announced at the MCM London Comic Con that it has acquired the rights to the Dragon Ball GT TV series, which it plans on releasing across two sets in January and March 2014.

FUNimation originally released the 64-episode Dragon Ball GT TV series in North America via single-volume DVDs from 2003-2004 before doing a minor remaster for two “season” sets released across 2008-2009. FUNimation’s second “season” set also contains the sole Dragon Ball GT TV special.

We spoke with Jerome Mazandarani, Manga’s Head of Marketing & Acquisitions, back in April 2012 on Episode #0296 of our podcast. At the time, Mazandarani noted that it was Toei’s request/suggestion that the company start with Dragon Ball Z to test the home release waters before moving on to other potential releases for the franchise. While all three TV series were given TV broadcasts in the UK market — with various English dubs — it had never received a home release before now.

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  • rukura says:

    Is it appropriate to use the original GT logo in this news update? Since, it will most like not be seen at all in this release 🙁

    Well, I guess it’s in the eyecatches, but still…

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