“Victory Mission” Chapter 15 in January 2014 V-Jump
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The January 2014 issue of V-Jump officially hit Japanese shelves back on 21 November 2013, and continues with the spin-off/advertisement manga series Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission by “Toyotarō“.


In this fifteenth chapter — “Seven Evil Dragons” — Dr. Auto, whom the Artificial Human trio call “grandfather”, has summoned the Dragon inside the game world, but what emerges is not Shenlong, but a malevolent, cigar-chomping dragon. Dr. Auto tells the dragon to hear his wish, but it instead tells him he will not listen to humans. As the dragon appears in front of the crowd outside the game as well, Battle Navigators Tsubasa and Momo-chan enter the game to intervene. Nym and Nico receive instructions from Genom to head to where “Grandpa” is because something is wrong, and Tsubasa and Momo-chan get the now-opponent-less Beat and Note to come with them.

As the two new Navigators lead the main characters to the action, Tsubasa introduces himself as Sora’s replacement, who came to Beat’s world because Sora had to go back to his. Sora had constantly been pursuing this Dr. Auto, who, while conducting peaceful research, had also gathered the seven Dragon Balls in order to grant a wish of his. Note is shocked to learn that the Dragon Balls still exist, as they were said to have disappeared long ago. Momo-chan chimes in to explain that Dr. Auto secretly studied the time-space transmission apparatus of the Dragon Ball Heroes machine, and used it to go back into the past. However, the balls that he got are the ones from the very end, with cracks in them. The Dragon that emerges from the cracked Dragon Balls is not the wish-granting Shenlong, but…! “The Black Smoke Dragon,” finishes Tsubasa.

Dr. Auto’s three grandchildren arrive as he begins to realize this dragon has no intention of granting his wish. No sooner do they greet him, however, than the dragon raises a whirlwind, splitting into seven different dragons, each with a cracked Dragon Ball in its mouth, and three of which carry away Nym, Nico, and Genom. Momo-chan comments dourly about the Evil Dragons splitting up, while Note shouts about not understanding what is going on. Kagyu, Kabra, and Froze catch up with the others to ask what is going on, as well, so Tsubasa decides to tell them all.

Back in Victory Colosseum, the competitors defeated in the first round are uneasy, and Erito comments that something is amiss. Even the spectators seem to realize that something is up. Meanwhile, in the game world, Tsubasa is telling everyone how Sora determined that the one to unleash the Evil Dragons in this world would be Dr. Auto. Momo-chan looks down at the old man, and adds, that is why Sora locked him inside this battlefield. At the present stage, the Evil Dragon’s influence is confined to within the battlefield; the clouds covering the sky are proof that all the Dragon Ball Heroes battlefields, every Age and every Mission, are under the Evil Dragons’ control. If they allow this to continue, eventually the outside world… in other words, the real world, will be encroached upon. If the Dragons are allowed to escape into the outside, it will mean not just the end of the world, but of the universe.

Everyone is horrified at this, but Tsubasa tells them that they are all candidates for the mightiest hero, discovered by Sora. Sora told them that the competitors at this tournament would surely save this world. For some reason, the Evil Dragons have appeared prior to the end of the tournament, but there is no doubt that the mightiest hero is among them. If they combine their strength, they will definitely be able to win! It is at that point that they realize Nym, Nico, and Genom are missing. Dr. Auto shouts to them that his three grandchildren have been kidnapped by those dragons, and begs for them to rescue them.

As Nym is spirited away by one of the Evil Dragons, his hair tie breaks loose, and he gets an evil look in his eye….


“Mission 15” has been archived on the main listing page for Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission in our “Spin-Off” guide.

The January 2014 issue of V-Jump is packed with additional Dragon Ball news and is available for purchase from CDJapan, Play-Asia, and Amazon Japan for an MSRP of ¥560.

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  • Can I ask about the choice of name spellings for the tinman avatars?
    I have no idea what ニコ/Nico and ニム/Nimu were puns on, so I’m curious to the Nym choice, but I thought ゲノム for Genome was just as straight forward as セル was for Cell, so why drop the E?

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