New Translation: OtonaFami Masako Nozawa Interview
Published by 12 December 2013, 8:39 PM EST

This is just a quick, little, relatively-insignificant addition to our “Translations” section, but in our never-ending journey to catalog virtually every bit of Battle of Gods promotional coverage, we present to you yet another Masako Nozawa interview translation! This one comes via the May 2013 issue of OtonaFami in Japan.

In the interview, Nozawa regurgitates most of the same points we have heard a few times before, but she does expand a little bit upon watching the movie for the first time alongside original manga author Akira Toriyama:

Right then and there, Toriyama-sensei gave it his seal of approval, saying, “It was incredibly good. It’s enjoyable, just like I thought.” The preview screening was mostly staff, and even though it was so unbelievably funny, none of them would so much as crack a smile. When I asked afterwards, they told me, “There’s no way we would laugh in front of you and Toriyama-sensei watching the film together, Nozawa-san“. (laughs) For the staff, it was also the day of Toriyama-sensei‘s check [of the movie], so they were probably nervous.

Read the full interview, which has been cataloged with the rest of the Battle of Gods material on our “Translations” page!

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