A Revamp in Celebration of Over 100 Translations Archived!
Published by 09 January 2014, 10:56 PM EST

It all happened so quickly that it nearly passed us all by without even a second thought: we have hit the century mark! The translations archive now houses over 100 translated documents, interviews, Q&As, articles, and much more. Needless to say we are quite proud of all we have accomplished to date, but adding this to the résumé feels quite good. There truly is no other archive or resource quite like it for the Dragon Ball franchise.

However, while our archive has expanded, our organization of it has remained relatively untouched since the combined site’s launch in April 2012. To remedy this problem, the translations page has been entirely revamped, not only to better organize the translations, but to add tag filtering. This will help narrow down searches for specific types of subject matter, and in hopes of improving the user experience.

To celebrate, we are adding three new non-“Battle of Gods” translations to the archive, and diving back into recent guide books. The first two are some fun Q&As with the various staff and cast of Dragon Ball Z and author Akira Toriyama, respectively. The third and final translation of the day is the first in a two-part interview with author Akira Toriyama from the Super Exciting Guide: Story Volume.

That may be all the translations we have for you this time around, but worry not: we have plenty more sitting on our shelves just waiting to make their way into the Translations Archive. Here’s to the next 100 translations!

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