FUNimation DBZ “Season Two” Blu-ray Set Delayed to March 2014
Published by 02 February 2014, 8:29 AM EST

FUNimation’s second “season” set of the Dragon Ball Z TV series on Blu-ray, originally due out 18 February 2014, has been delayed to a new 04 March 2014 release date.


The new “season” sets (cropped widescreen, heavy DVNR) replace the canceled “Level” sets (originally 4:3, grain preservation) from 2011. A formal review of the first set is still forthcoming, but in the mean time, check out our community Q&A session with FUNimation about the new sets, as well as Episode #0352 of our podcast for a retrospective of every first-volume release for the TV series that FUNimation has ever released!

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