Published by Hujio
20 February 2014, 9:57 PM EST

With the launch of the April 2014 issue of V-Jump providing the first official confirmation of Dragon Ball Kai‘s continuation into the Majin Boo story arc, the official Japanese website has also been updated! As of right now it is simply a splash page, with the previous iteration still available.

Dragon Ball Kai, the “refreshed” version of the Dragon Ball Z TV series originally created for its 20th anniversary in 2009, officially kicks off into a new era 06 April 2014 in Japan on Fuji TV at 9:00 a.m. It will be reclaiming its spot in the “Dream 9” block — taking it back from Toriko — alongside One Piece.

  1. Lance Freeman

    I wish this happened in North American television. “Yeah, the ratings were terrible, but the ratings for the show we replaced them with were even worse, so we’re bringing the first show back.”

    20 February 201410:03 PM EST
  2. juankastro


    20 February 201410:20 PM EST
    • kei17

      Não está confirmada ainda. Falar em Inglês sobre este site, por favor.

      21 February 20144:58 AM EST
    • juankastro

      haha :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      21 February 20141:40 PM EST
  3. B

    @Lance Freeman,

    Kai actually had decent ratings; it just completely failed to convince people to buy anything. Merch sales dropped during its run.

    20 February 201411:28 PM EST
    • Hujio

      You guys know you can reply directly to him by clicking the “Reply” link, right?

      21 February 201410:06 AM EST
    • GotenZ1

      Well now I do! Hooray for new (?) things! Site looks great 🙂

      21 February 20142:45 PM EST
  4. frogoat

    Hopefully this boosts the franchise, rather than…the alternative.

    20 February 201411:52 PM EST
  5. jonjon

    @Lance Freeman,

    I’m pretty sure the show was ranked in the top ten typically in regards to ratings in its time block.

    The problem was that it’s all about merchandising in Japan, and the stuff wasn’t selling.

    21 February 20147:54 AM EST
  6. commanderred

    There sure were a lot of pink characters in Buu saga.

    22 February 20144:34 AM EST