• jrdemr says:

    A very nice review. Too bad we still have to wait for Thursday here in Europe to be able to pick it up, but this new edition does look really nice. Still amazed as how they managed to increase the size of the manga that much without it looking pixelated. Also, loving the unedited sound effects and the fact that it’s still just “Dragon Ball”, without the “Z”.

    Too bad the translation’s the exact same one from before and we still have… (*sighs*) edited Mr. Popo. The translation I can live with, but edited artwork I just cannot condone. It was the eighties, and Mr. Popo’s not african, Viz, get over it…

    Still, looks like a great purchase, looking forward to reading it. Sure hope Viz does stick with it through to the end and I join Mike in wishing they go back to the actual beginning of the series, even if Shueisha doesn’t print it in Japan (and that we finally get “Mr. Satan”, Majin Buu” and Vegetto).

  • sangofe says:

    Too bad they didn’t fix the translation errors, or else I’d be all over these.

  • Makaioshin says:

    I’m actually a bit afraid of opening my copy again after seeing that image of your binding.

  • “Viz was forced to use an apparently-Shueisha-mandated Optima Nova Condensed font.”

    Actually, Shueisha handled the typesetting itself. They presumably didn’t know any better, being unfamiliar with American typesetting standards.

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