Podcast Episode #0358
Published by 10 March 2014, 6:23 PM EDT

Being only about a month out from the revival of Dragon Ball Kai in Japan for the Majin Boo arc, it is to be expected that we will be crashing into walls of news left and right over the next several weeks. Some of the recent voice recast announcements along with the appointment of Norihito Sumitomo as the musical composer give us plenty to talk about, so let’s party like it’s 2009 and chat up Dragon Ball Kai all over again!


Episode #0358! VegettoEX and Kirbopher chat up “Dragon Ball Kai” like it is 2009 all over again. Bin Shimada will be taking over as Bobbidi while Shino Kakinuma will take over as Videl. On the music side of things, Norihito Sumitomo (from the “Battle of Gods” soundtrack) joins the group as the new composer. What else is on the horizon for the Majin Boo arc of “Dragon Ball Kai” and what else should we prepare for internationally?


Enjoy! Discuss this episode on the Kanzenshuu forum, and be sure to let us know your “Who’s That Character?” guess.

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