“Jaco the Galactic Patrolman” & Full Color Cell Arc Cover Art
Published by 19 March 2014, 10:23 AM EDT,

The May 2014 issue of V-Jump — officially due out 20 March 2014 in Japan — finally provides a closer look at the cover art for some of next month’s upcoming Dragon Ball books.

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman will be receiving both regular (tankōbon-sized) and “Super Elite” (kanzenban-sized) editions, the latter of which will also come packed with a few bonus trinkets. Each edition will also receive separate cover art with the regular version mirroring the original Dragon Ball manga style and the “Super Elite” edition featuring an illustration of Jaco, Omori, and Tights:


The regular version will run ¥440 (¥475 with tax) while the “Super Elite” version will run ¥907 (¥980 with tax).

V-Jump also showcases the cover art for the first three volumes of the “Full Color” manga version of the Cell arc along with a complete release schedule:


All of these manga releases — along with Volume 2 of the collected Dragon Ball SD manga by Naho Ooishi — are due out in Japan 04 April 2014. These first three volumes of the “Artificial Humans & Cell” arc will be released simultaneously that day, while other three volumes of the arc are now set for 02 May 2014.

The Majin Boo arc of the “Full Color” manga will also run for six total volumes with the first three due out 04 June 2014 and the final three due out 04 July 2014.

The “Full Color” volumes will remain at a base price of ¥600, but their tax-inclusive price will rise to ¥648 (from ¥630) due to the consumption tax increase.

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