“Puzzle & Dragons” x “Dragon Ball Kai” Collaboration Announced
Published by 19 May 2014, 10:50 AM EDT

GungHo Online Entertainment confirmed on its official website that their popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons will see a collaboration with Dragon Ball Kai in the near future.


Anime News Network noted tidbits from Puzzle & Dragons producer Daisuke Yamamoto on Twitter:

まずはドラゴンボールコラボの情報が解禁になりました!ずっと言いたかったので嬉しいo(^▽^)o 詳細は5/25のパズドラファン感謝祭で発表です!

First of all, the ban’s been lifted on information about the Dragon Ball collaboration! I wanted to say it for so long, so I’m happy. o(^▽^)o We’ll announce more information at the Puzzle & Dragons fan-thank-you festival on May 25th!

Previous collaborations with other franchises — such as Hunter x Hunter and Evangelion — have included special dungeons featuring the characters from their respective series.

An English-language version of Puzzle & Dragons is also available on the iTunes Store and Google Play marketplace.

While most Dragon Ball gaming experiences have been for the franchise by itself, Dragon Ball Heroes lent its “Galaxy Mission Series Theme Song” to the Taiko Drum Master arcade game in 2012.

Recent mobile Dragon Ball games such as Dragon Ball RPG: Boyhood arc and Ultimate Swipe have been exclusive to Japan.

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