“Dragon Ball Z Kai” Announced For Toonami Broadcast Fall 2014
Published by 28 May 2014, 2:12 PM EDT

During the Toonami industry panel at MomoCon this past weekend in Atlanta, it was announced that Dragon Ball Kai (under the standard international title of Dragon Ball Z Kai) will make the shift to Cartoon Network’s and Adult Swim’s programming block this fall.


The company’s English dub of Dragon Ball Kai, originally announced back in February 2010 (almost a year after its Japanese debut), first aired on Nicktoons followed by a more-heavily-edited version via TheCW4Kids block (now a part of “Vortexx“).

The Majin Boo arc of Dragon Ball Kai, currently airing in Japan and as-of-yet unannounced for the North American market, was not mentioned as a part of this announcement.

FUNimation has released the entirety of the Saiyan, Freeza, and Cell arcs of Dragon Ball Kai in double-disc packs and “season” sets on DVD and Blu-ray. At this point, all in-print home releases contain the replacement score of recycled Shunsuke Kikuchi music (from the original Dragon Ball Z broadcast).

Toonami began as an after-school block of programming on the Cartoon Network cable channel in 1997. Dragon Ball Z joined the lineup in late 1998 with FUNimation’s original dub of the first two “seasons” (previously aired in syndication from 1996-1998), followed by their in-house production of a third “season” in 1999, and onward from there to the end of the series and with subsequent series. Dragon Ball Z made its way to other, related programming blocks on the network such as the “Rising Sun” (with the Garlic Jr. arc) and “Midnight Run” (with the “Ultimate Uncut Edition”) blocks.

Toonami was re-launched as a part of the Adult Swim programming schedule for late Saturday nights / early Sunday mornings back in 2012. The channel recently aired FUNimation’s English dub of the fifth Dragon Ball Z movie with its original Japanese musical score, promoting it as Dragon Ball Z “where it belongs”.

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