“Dragon Ball New Project” (PS4/PS3/360) Trailer Coming Soon?
Published by 09 June 2014, 8:32 PM EDT

Thanks to eagle-eyes on our forum, it was noticed that the European branch of Bandai Namco preemptively uploaded a trailer for the recently-announced, upcoming “Dragon Ball New Project” video game. The video is set to “Private” but had been added to a playlist which made its URL public. While the video is unfortunately completely unavailable in this state, having its URL does at least give us a glimpse at three automatically generated — albeit obscenely tiny! — screen shots from the video:

So far all we can see is an opening title of the company presenting the game, Goku vs. Vegeta, and the mysterious character from previously-released screen shots.

The video will likely be revealed tomorrow in conjunction with the Electronic Entertainment Exposition (“E3”) currently taking place in Los Angeles. Expect all the coverage you can eat right here at Kanzenshuu…!

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