Second “Dragon Ball Kai” Majin Boo arc Ending Theme Announced
Published by 17 June 2014, 8:03 PM EDT

The second ending theme for the Majin Boo arc of Dragon Ball Kai has been revealed: “Junjō” (“Pure Heart”) by 19-year-old singer-songwriter Leo Ieiri.

The song will take the slot from “Dear Zarathustra” by the band Good Morning America starting with the 06 July 2014 episode of the “refreshed” version of the series currently airing on Fuji TV in Japan.

The CD single has also been announced for 30 July 2014 and will follow the same release format as “Dear Zarathustra” with a regular edition (VICL-36938; ¥1,296) as well as “A” (VIZL-676; ¥1,836) and “B”-type (VICL-36937; ¥1,296) limited editions. The various releases will come packed with b-sides “For you”, “a boy”, and “Sun Goddess” along with instrumental and acoustic versions depending on the version purchased. The “A”-type limited edition will also come with a DVD packed with music video, making-of, and tour material.

Interestingly, the regular and “A”-type limited edition versions will feature an image of the singer, while the “B”-type limited edition version will be the one to feature Dragon Ball artwork (pictured respectively above).

A 45-second commercial for the song has been uploaded by the artist and label to YouTube:

“Junjō” will be the fourth ending theme for the “refreshed” series overall, following “Yeah! Break! Care! Break!” by Dragon Soul (1-54), “Kokoro no Hane” by Team Dragon from AKB48 (55-98), and “Dear Zarathustra” by Good Morning America as detailed above.

The CD single for “Dear Zarathustra” included a sticker on the packaging specifically detailing it as the ending for the April “cour” (three-month television broadcast “season”). When the song was announced, the band noted that it would be used for the first “quarter” of the story arc. With the recent uncovering of an alternate edit/cut of the Majin Boo arc of Dragon Ball Kai being developed within Japan versus what seems to be provided to Toei’s international licensees, the math so far seems to add up for the Japanese broadcast, at least, running for only about a year.

Thanks to our buddy kei17 for the heads-up.

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