Glénat Releasing “Dragon Ball SD”, “Jaco”, & More in France
Published by 11 July 2014, 1:56 PM EDT

The French publication Le Monde has revealed Glénat’s extensive plans for the Dragon Ball franchise in 2015:

Glénat prépare par ailleurs pour 2015 une année spéciale Toriyama, avec l’édition en français de pas moins d’onze œuvres, dont plusieurs animés de la série en version imprimée (comme la période Boo, les anciens films, et le récent Battle of Gods), ainsi que la traduction de sa dernière création, Jaco the galactic Patrolman, avec à la fin l’histoire courte sur la mère de Son Goku. L’éditeur français des aventures de Son Goku s’apprête également à publier Dragon Ball SD, une édition junior, en couleurs, avec une histoire édulcorée et des personnages redessinés en Super Deformed (petit corps et tête disproportionnée) – nouvelle occasion d’ouvrir la saga à un public toujours plus large.

Glenat is also preparing a special Toriyama year for 2015, with French editions for as much as eleven works, among which several anime from the franchise in printed form (such as the Boo saga, the old movies and the recent Battle of Gods), along with the translation of his latest creation, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, which includes the short story about Son Goku’s mother at the end. The French publisher of Son Goku’s adventures is also about to publish Dragon Ball SD, a junior edition with colors, a kid-friendly version of the story and characters redrawn in Super Deformed style (little bodies and misproportionned heads) – a new occasion to open the saga to an ever-growing audience.

This will be the first international license and translation of Dragon Ball SD by Naho Ooishi, a spin-off/re-telling of the series serialized each month in Saikyō Jump. Akira Toriyama‘s own Dragon Ball tie-in Jaco the Galactic Patrolman — as well as its “Dragon Ball Minus” bonus chapter — was simultaneously published in Japanese and English, but is otherwise still fresh in its adventures outside of these two languages. France now joins the ranks of Spain, who will also be receiving a translation of the Battle of Gods “Film Anime Comic”.

Back in 2012, Glénat originally suspended their work on the “TV Anime Comics” to focus on publishing more of the “Film Anime Comics”, which saw their release begin back in January 2013.

More kanzenban releases are also due out and should wrap up in early 2015. Volume 31 (of 34 total) of the manga’s “Perfect Edition” was released last month along with the “Film Anime Comic” for Dragon Ball Z Movie 8, with at least another two of each book line due out by October 2014.

Big thanks to “Cold Skin” for the excellent round-up and translations!

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