“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2” Extended Promo Video
Published by 15 July 2014, 10:51 AM EDT

Bandai Namco has unleashed a new, extended promotional video for the upcoming Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 portable conversion for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan:

The new video confirms many of the same tidbits previously revealed, such as including missions from 21 iterations (from the original arcade game’s first edition to the “Evil Dragon Mission” 3 update), the inclusion of over 2,000 cards, and the ability to carry over card data from the first game to the second game.

As for new information, the video details that the previously-mentioned “Ultimate Universe” mode will allow you to venture through Goku’s childhood up through Dragon Ball GT‘s storyline. Familiar characters will support you along the way, and you will also be able to use StreetPass for super power-ups. Sometimes you will cooperate, and other times you will face off against one another. There is also a “Scouter Mode” where, if the number is high enough, a giant boss comes out! You can also use the “Scouter Mode” to read QR codes from the regular Dragon Ball Heroes game — as well as V-Jump exclusives — to unlock special missions. “Burst Limit Mission” is a mode where you can only use each card once, and it is a big showdown with up to 40 battles in a row that will test your abilities to their limits.

Perhaps most interestingly, the game also comes with a special, original story entitled “The Birth of Majin Boo”. Will this somehow tie in with Akira Toriyama’s recent information-dump revealing Boo’s true origin and the nature of his summoning by Bibbidi…? We will have to wait and see when the game comes out!

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 will see its release 07 August 2014 and is available for pre-order from CDJapan and Play-Asia. Please note that the Nintendo 3DS is a region-locked system; a Japanese console is required to play the game.


The first Ultimate Mission — released back in February 2013 — covered up through the early “Galaxy Mission” updates of the original arcade version of Dragon Ball HeroesOver an entire half-year, the game swayed in and out of the Famitsu and Media Create top-selling games charts with reliable, if not consistent, sales figures. The game was not released outside of Japan.

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