New Japanese Pretend-Fighting Dragon Ball Merchandise
Published by 17 July 2014, 10:29 AM EDT

It may be a quiet period in between book and home video releases, but the other side of the merchandising machine is alive and well! Just last week, Japan saw the release of two toys to help facilitate a bit of pretend-fighting at home.

The “Zenkai (Full Throttle)! Action Kamehameha” toy slips over your wrist and has a three-axis movement recognition along with 16 types of sounds in total, including special moves such as Goku’s Kamehameha, Tenshinhan’s Kikō-hō, and even Vegeta’s Gyarikku-Hō. The toy retails for ¥3,996 and is available for order via CDJapan and Amazon Japan.


The “Punch Fighter” is a standard type of weighted punching bag for children showcasing some of the heroes from the Majin Boo arc of the series. The inflatable bag is 800mm tall and retails for ¥2,592 and is also available for order via CDJapan and Amazon Japan.


Both products are branded as Dragon Ball Kai and were released 12 July 2014.

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