Published by VegettoEX
03 August 2014, 6:14 PM EDT

In conjunction with Episode #0366 of our podcast, we started up a contest to give away a free copy of Discotek’s Dr. Slump movies DVD set. Each entrant had to tweet us (@kanzenshuu) with a joke post containing either a Dragon Ball and/or a Dr. Slump-related pun.


The entries were fantastic, but there can only be one winner! The Kanzenshuu staff awards the top slot and a free copy of the DVD set to:

DBZ taught me that you can survive Cold with Trunks alone. #slumpun

Congrats to DeAnna on the win!

There were so many hilarious entries that we wanted to share the tweets that rounded out the top three spots. While we unfortunately cannot give away any extra sets, you definitely deserve props of your own!

Cell says “Are you 18 because I want you inside of me”

If I don’t win this, I’ll make sure to Gohan-line and order it. If I do win this, I promise I won’t Cell it. #slumpun

Did you know? When No. 17 and No. 18 were captured, they spent time inside the same Cell together. #slumpun

Thank you for participating! Stay tuned to Kanzenshuu and our various social media channels for more opportunities to get involved.

  1. OmegaRockman

    Haha! That’s my girl! She truly is the queen of puns!

    03 August 20146:39 PM EDT
  2. Tanooki Kuribo

    That was my favorite one too!

    It was fun reading these all on Twitter. They all put a smile on my face. 😀

    03 August 20147:00 PM EDT
  3. OmegaRockman

    Oh, and one small thing. She prefers the first “A” in her name to be capitalized, so her name should be spelled “DeAnna.” It’s not a big thing, though. She didn’t really care; she was just excited that she won. Sorry for nitpicking!

    03 August 20147:14 PM EDT
    • OmegaRockman

      Thanks for fixing her name!

      04 August 20143:34 PM EDT