Third “Dragon Ball Kai” Majin Boo Arc Ending Theme Announced
Published by 12 September 2014, 9:59 AM EDT

The third ending theme for the Majin Boo arc of Dragon Ball Kai has been revealed: “Oh Yeah!!!!!!!” by Czecho No Republic. The song will be the band’s first major-label single.


The song will take the slot from “Junjō” (“Pure Heart”) by singer-songwriter Leo Ieiri starting with the 05 October 2014 episode of the “refreshed” version of the series currently airing on Fuji TV in Japan.

The CD single has also been announced for 12 November 2014 and will come in two versions:

  • COZA-992~3, ¥1,300 + tax
    A first-pressing “Limited Edition” featuring four tracks (“Oh Yeah!!!!!!!” / “Come On” / “Sunday Juggler” / [to be determined]) and a special DVD featuring the music videos for the band’s songs “Neverland”, “MUSIC”, “No Way”, and “Amazing Parade” along with live footage
  • COCA-16956, ¥1,000 + tax
    A regular, CD-only edition with the same four songs

Pre-orders for both the regular and “Limited Edition” versions are already available on CDJapan.

The band will also embark on a “one-man tour” between 19 September 2014 and 10 October 2014, hitting up places from Sapporo on down to Fukuoka and then back through Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

A message from the band’s bassist/vocalist Masami Takei accompanies the announcement:

Oh Yeah!!!!!!!と叫ぶことが自分なりのドラゴンボールへの最大限の愛だなと思いこのタイトルにしました。

I had never even dreamed that I’d be able to be involved with Dragon Ball!

I like it so much, at first I worried about what kind of song to write. And as I worried, I looked up to the sky, and in the sky there was a huge full moon. “Th-, that’s it! The rhythm of the heartbeat of a Saiyan transforming into a Great Ape!”

And just like that, I finished writing it all at once. Though I might try to say something smooth, it would just sound contrived. That being the case, I felt like just shouting “Oh Yeah!!!!!!!” with my high energy would, in my own way, be the absolute greatest love for Dragon Ball, so I went with that title.

By all means, I’d like for all of you to shout it out loud, as well. Incidentally, since it’s Dragon Ball, I went with seven for the number of exclamation marks. Sure enough, I well up with fondness at the fourth exclamation mark.

“Oh Yeah!!!!!!!” will be the fifth ending theme for the Japanese broadcast of the “refreshed” series overall, following “Yeah! Break! Care! Break!” by Dragon Soul (1-54), “Kokoro no Hane” by Team Dragon from AKB48 (55-98), “Dear Zarathustra” by Good Morning America (99-112), and “Junjō” by Leo Ieiri (113-present).

Four ending themes are expected for the Japanese broadcast of the Majin Boo arc of Dragon Ball Kai. The international broadcast, currently airing both in South Korea and France, features entirely separate opening and ending themes.

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