“Dragon Ball XENOVERSE” Reveals in November 2014 V-Jump
Published by 19 September 2014, 9:44 AM EDT

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE receives massive coverage in the November 2014 issue of V-Jump officially releasing tomorrow (20 September 2014) in Japan.


In addition to other playable races previously unveiled, the issue reveals that you as the “Future Warrior” can create a playable character of Freeza’s race (with the example given being the Hero-type avatar design from Dragon Ball Heroes). A the “Future Warrior” you are part of the Time Patrol.

Perhaps most importantly, the issue reveals the inclusion of Towa (トワ) and Mira (ミラ), villains originally from Dragon Ball Online. The upcoming 2014 #43 issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump also describes the two:

Towa: A scientist from the Dark Demon Realm, who possesses a cold beauty. She seeks the destruction of history, and energy called “Kiri”.

Mira: An artificial life-form who wields a menace with transcendent power as his weapon. Aiming to become the “strongest” he works with Towa to bring about the destruction of history.

The issue touts a “master system” by which you can be trained by the Z-Warriors in order to fight against Mira and Towa.

Other new characters include the Kaiōshin of Time, a mysterious life-form that looks like a little girl but is actually at least 75 million years old. With the time-traveler Trunks at her command, she aims to grant a certain wish…! Toki-Toki is another mysterious life-form that lives in Toki Toki City and is able to create time itself. 75 million years ago, the Kaiōshin of Time raised it into an adult and gained her current position. The magazine notes that, perhaps because of Towa and Mira’s influence, Toki-Toki has been acting strangely.


As we do not yet know how much of the pre-existing Dragon Ball Online story XENOVERSE may cover or overwrite entirely, please be aware that the following character and event descriptions may contain “spoilers”:

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

Mira, an Earthling from the future, is an artificial being created by condensing the DNA harvested from various “star seekers”. In Age 851, Mira and his army invade and destroy New Namek, forcing hundreds of Namekians to emigrate to Earth once again. In Age 999, Piccolo returns from an investigation to warn Dende and the others about Mira’s arrival on and threat to Earth, but no warrior exists to protect and save them should Mira take action. Dende creates new sets of lower-powered Dragon Balls to encourage up-and-coming warriors to rise to the challenge, leading directly into the events of the actual Dragon Ball Online game in Age 1000.

Meanwhile, Mira has stolen a Time Passport from the Time God and is wreaking havoc throughout history by creating paradoxes that strain the fabric of space and time itself. The Trunks from the future timeline has been assigned the role of a Time Patrolman in exchange for not being punished for using his mother’s time machine. Alongside other missions, Trunks and the patrol force return to Age 762 during Goku’s fight against Vegeta where they do battle with a masked man (whom they have encountered before) as well as Mira himself. The masked man is revealed to be Bardock, who turns on Mira when his mind-control device is broken during the fight. Trunks and the others return to Age 1000, but when the smoke clears it is shown that Mira is still alive.

It is here that Towa enters the story. Originally a brilliant scientist from the Demon World, Towa betrayed her world after joining up with Mira. Over the course of several more missions, Trunks and the others encounter Towa as she brainwashes former villains and continues her attempts to destroy the universe through time corruption. Towa and Mira have a son named Fu, and after spending time with his family and experiencing so many battles, Mira’s mind begins to change about simply becoming the strongest with no regard for companionship.

For those looking to dig even further into the existing Dragon Ball Online storyline, our community member TheDevilsCorpse has coordinated massive translation projects from the original Korean game’s timeline and supplementary material.

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE — currently in development by Dimps for Bandai Namco — will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 some time in 2015, though no concrete release date has been set. A network test will be conducted in two phases on the PlayStation 3, with the first coming this weekend for Japanese players and the second phase coming in October to global players.

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