Kazé Releasing “Dragon Ball Z Kai” on Blu-ray in France
Published by 28 October 2014, 9:24 PM EDT

Kazé has officially revealed what we have seen hints of for the last month: Dragon Ball Kai (under the international moniker of “Dragon Ball Z Kai”) will finally make its way to Blu-ray in France.


Two box sets have been announced for release 26 November 2014, with the first covering episodes 1-49 (Saiyan through most of the Freeza arc) and the second covering episodes 50-98 (the tail end of the Freeza arc through the entirety of the Cell arc). Each set will retail for 79.95 €. The sets will come with stereo French and Japanese audio with the video presented in a cropped widescreen; the first phase of the series was produced in 4:3 and released in this aspect ratio on Blu-ray in both Japan and North America, though various international releases have seen different versions. The sets should exclusively contain the replacement Shunsuke Kikuchi score.

Thanks to sangofe for his diligence (and patience!) in keeping up with these releases!

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