V-Jump Unveils New Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie Title & Date
Published by 17 November 2014, 10:29 AM EST

The January issue of V-Jump, officially slated for release this Friday (21 November 2014), features a detailed “DB Scoop” on the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie (originally reported by Anime News Network). The scoop features a new visual for the film, the first seen since the movie was announced this past July. It is more than likely the movie’s official poster, which features our main protagonists, Beerus, Whis, Freeza, and two new unsavory characters.

The movie poster also reveals the film’s official title and release date:

ドラゴンボールZ 復活の「F」
Doragon Bōru Zetto Fukkatsu no “F”
Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”

公開日 遂に決定!!! 2015年4月18日(土)2D/3D全国超拡大公開!!!
Opening day, set at last!!! Saturday, 18 April 2015: A super-wide release nationwide in 2D and 3D!!!

Unlike with the previous film, Kami to Kami / Battle of Gods, no supplementary or alternative English title is provided. The movie will premiere nationwide in Japan 18 April 2015 in both 2D and 3D formats. This release date is a bit earlier than expected by most, but it is perhaps intended to build the movie’s momentum going into the Golden Week holiday break.

At the moment we cannot verify plot details — or Toriyama’s comments — beyond what is currently described elsewhere. However, the general plot details from Anime News Network are as follows:

An Earth where peace has arrived. However, remnants of Freeza’s army Sorbet and Tagoma arrive on the planet. Their goal is to revive Freeza with the Dragon Balls. Their dastardly wish is granted, and the “F” that plans its revenge against the Saiyans is revived…!

Two new characters will appear in the movie: Sorbet (ソルベ) and Tagoma (タゴマ), shown below on the left and right, respectively. Following the fine nuances of the name puns in the last film, these name puns seem awfully transparent. As with all of Freeza’s minions, as described by Akira Toriyama in the Super Exciting Guide volumes, the names are “unified as food items that one puts inside [a refrigerator]”. Therefore, Sorbet gets his name directly from the frozen dessert “sorbet”, while Tagoma’s name is derived from the Japanese word tamago (卵), meaning “egg”.

Toriyama’s original designs for the characters are included in the magazine, along with a brief description:

最新型の戦闘服を装着した、謎の惑星戦士2人組!! 特に「タゴマ」は、新しいタイプのスカウターを装着しているようだぞ!!

A mysterious pair of planetary warriors, equipped with the latest type of battle armor!! “Tagoma” in particular looks to be wearing a new type of Scouter!!

The tidbit about the new type of Scouter is very reminiscent of what Toriyama revealed in his interview with Naho Ooishi in the July 2014 issue of Saikyō Jump. He stated (bold added for emphasis):

If you’re a soldier in Freeza’s army, you can have one made to order to fit your ear. The different screen colors can be chosen to fit the peculiarities of different aliens’ eyes, or to suit one’s tastes. Also, dual-eye types exist as well.

This comment came just one month prior to the new movie being officially announced, so it is likely that Toriyama slipped this tidbit in solely because of his work on the upcoming movie, possibly having just drawn these character designs. Also of note is the text reading “更なる変” that is cut off in the upper right corner. This is likely the phrase “更なる変身”, which means “further transformation(s)”. Based on the image available, there is no indication whether this is in reference to Freeza or a Saiyan warrior.

As always, stay tuned right here at Kanzenshuu for all the latest news, documentation, and analysis!

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  • DBZGTKOSDH says:

    New scouter types? The return of battle powers. 😆

  • Lance Freeman says:

    Bald Krillin? So this is pre-Buu? Honestly, that’s probably the only way to make Freeza a threatening force, to go all the way back to when he was a threat.

  • Barunks says:

    I really hope this doesn’t take place in the past and the characters are weaker. Even still shouldn’t Goku be more than capable of beating Freeza since he’s a super saiyan? He’s have to have a huge boost even back then to possibly be a threat.

  • jrdemr says:

    @Lance Freeman @Barunks Whis and Beerus being shown in the poster almost definitely excludes the possibility of the movie being set in the past. However, bald Krillin… well, he CAN shave any time he wants… it may be a one-time thing, a kind of personal throwback due to having been present in the battle against Freeza.

  • Daimakku says:

    This poster opens up all kinds of possibilities for discussion.

    It can’t take place in the past, since Whis and Beerus are present, so this has to be after BoG. But then.. what’s up with the bald Krillin? Like jrdemr said, he can just shave it off whenever he wants but.. why? Also, will they pull a sort of Super Android 17, with Freeza being made stronger? Otherwise he doesn’t stand a chance. Even Gotenks could beat Freeza from the Namek Saga easy.

    Also, is Goku training under Whis? Because that gi logo isn’t from Roshi or Kaio.

    I can’t wait for more info!!

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