DBZ 2015 Movie Updates: Official Website, Poster, Etc.
Published by 21 November 2014, 1:24 AM EST

Now that next year’s first issue of V-Jump covering the upcoming 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie have been officially released as of earlier today in Japan, Toei Animation’s official website for what we now know as Revival of “F” has been updated and overhauled with a new design and the official movie poster. Currently none of the sections are live, with all of them still listed as “Coming Soon”. Akira Toriyama’s comments originally published in the September issue of V-Jump are still available, although it appears the original teaser trailer has been removed for now, at least until the first official trailer is released.


A recent article on Cinema Today also mentions that the sash worn by movie-design Freeza, as seen in V-Jump as a special present available with pre-release tickets, reads “congratulations on revival” (祝復活).

The story for the movie is being crafted by original manga author Akira Toriyama, who stated he is writing it, “…as though it were a continuation of the manga when it was in serialization,” and that while it will, “…of course be a continuation of the previous Battle of Gods,” he has also, “…deliberately increased the amount of action scenes by a good deal.” Tadayoshi Yamamuro, who worked for many years as character designer and animation supervisor on the Dragon Ball franchise, will serve as the film’s director. No other movie staff have been confirmed at this time. Revival of “F” is set to bring back Freeza and will also include two new characters (Sorbet and Tagoma), feature Beerus and Whis again from Battle of Gods, and much more.

Stay tuned to Kanzenshuu in the coming days for more of the latest movie news!

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