New Translation: 1986 Weekly Jump Character Biographies
Published by 01 December 2014, 8:07 PM EST

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to check out DB30YEARS, our special Dragon Ball 30th anniversary magazine. A few major research projects have recently taken place at various Kanzenshuu headquarters around the world, and you can read some highlights from them in the magazine, including some of our dives into the original serialization of the series in Weekly Shōnen Jump. For example, how old do you think Gohan is when he is first introduced…? Four-years-old, right? You might be surprised!

We recently acquired a copy of the 1986 #37 issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump. The issue contains Chapter 087 of the series, right as Goku is about to climb Karin Tower during the Red Ribbon Army arc. Accompanying the chapter is a series of brief biographical information for some of the major characters, printed long before things like the Daizenshuu were ever conceived, and even over a year before the Adventure Special — the first true guide book to the series — would hit shelves.

Most notably, it is the only place that has ever printed Bulma’s birth date…! If you choose to reconcile all available information, you can start piecing together precisely when Battle of Gods might take place in AGE 778, and what other contradictions there might be.


Head on over to the material’s new archive page in our “Translations” section for the full scoop. Be sure to check out the translation notes at the bottom, which cross-reference later material published in books like the Daizenshuu and the Super Exciting Guide volumes.

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