“Dragon Ball SD” Vol. 3 Release Details
Published by 04 December 2014, 10:35 AM EST

Within just the last couple weeks, Shueisha unexpectedly revealed the quickly-upcoming third collected volume of Naho Ooishi‘s Dragon Ball SD, the spin-off/re-telling of the Dragon Ball series currently being serialized in Saikyō Jump. While a full year passed between the first and second collected volumes, this third one sees its release “only” eight months later.


The volume picks up with Chapter 19 of the monthly/bi-monthly reboot of the comic as Goku, Bulma and Kuririn face General Blue, and concludes with Goku’s total rout of the Red Ribbon Army in Chapter 28. It also includes the one-page bonus comic from the December 2013 issue of Saikyō Jump, the four-page “what-if” story from the Jump Victory Carnival 2014 official booklet, and a pair of four-panel comics original to the book. It also comes with a Dragon Ball Heroes “Gotenks” card as a pack-in bonus.

The 192-page tankobon-sized volume runs ¥571 plus tax and preserves the full-color presentation from its original Saikyō Jump serialization.

Dragon Ball SD began with Saikyō Jump as a quarterly publication with four total issues in 2011 re-telling major aspects of the franchise in an even more childish tone. When the magazine switched to a monthly format in 2012, Dragon Ball SD started over at the very beginning of the series with the same kind of writing and artistic style. The publication recently switched to a bi-monthly release schedule.

Volume 3 of the collected Dragon Ball SD is available to order from CDJapan and Amazon Japan. As with the second collected volume, no digital version appears to be available simultaneously alongside the print release, but may (and likely will) come at a later point in time.

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