“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2” Commercial & Sales Update
Published by 10 December 2014, 10:08 AM EST

A new 30-second commercial for Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 — a sequel to the first portable version of the four-year-old, still-going-strong, card-based arcade game — was posted to the game’s official website this week:

The commercial is a sequel to a previous one, where Trunks had already received the game. Now Goten has it too, so the focus is on multiplayer: choosing a team of five cards to do battle, cooperative play against a giant boss, and StreetPass functionality where other players’ characters will show up in one’s own game.

As of last month the game had pushed 165,636 total copies according to the Famitsu sales list, roughly 53,000 fewer copies than its predecessor at the same point in time.


Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 is available for purchase at CDJapan and Play-Asia. A Japanese system is required to play the (region-locked) game.

Thanks to Anime News Network for the heads-up.

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