“Revival of ‘F'” Preview Screening Contest in March 2015 V-Jump
Published by 15 January 2015, 9:34 AM EST

Shueisha’s 30th anniversary website for Dragon Ball has announced that the upcoming March 2015 issue of V-Jump — hitting Japanese shelves 21 January 2015 — will present fans with an opportunity to attend a preview screening for this year’s new film, Revival of “F”:

さらに劇場版『ドラゴンボールZ 復活の「F」』の連合試写会の応募つき!宇宙一早く、劇場最新作を読めるチャンス!

And furthermore, it comes with an entry [for the chance to go] to a preview screening for the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Revival of ‘F'”! It’s your chance to be the first in the universe to read about the latest movie!

While the news update does not make it explicitly clear whether this will be a lottery drawing or not, prior preview screenings have had similar stipulations and arrangements.


The March 2015 issue of V-Jump will also include information on Dragon Ball Heroes (including a Yi Xing Long card for the current “JM8” update in arcades), Xenoverse, Dokkan Battle, Discross, and more. The issue is available for pre-order from Amazon Japan.

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