Podcast Episode #0374
Published by 10 February 2015, 8:37 PM EST

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE is officially out… in Japan, anyway! That has never stopped us here at Kanzenshuu from diving in as soon as we can, however, and the latest video game for the franchise is no different. A little sickness doesn’t slow us down, either, so tune in for some sniffly first impressions on the new hotness.

Episode #0374! VegettoEX and Meri provide some early, first impressions on “Dragon Ball XENOVERSE” based on its Japanese release. Dimps is back at the development helm, and a custom character creation mode gives players a chance to intervene on history’s behalf to save the Dragon Ball timeline. Is the game everything we had been hoping for, and how do its online modes affect the general gameplay experience?


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