“V-Jump+” Update Previews “Revival of ‘F'” Draft Sketches
Published by 20 February 2015, 7:22 PM EST

Alongside the release of the print edition of V-Jump‘s April 2015 issue, new unlockable online content previews sketches from next month’s second chapter of Toyotarō’s introductory manga adaptation of the upcoming film, Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”.


While we obviously cannot reproduce all of the images in their entirety, we can at least explain that the captions to the storyboard images try to play up a sense of mystery, though it is obvious what is happening in each scene. Statements along the lines of “Why are Goku & Vegeta clashing with Whis?!” and “What’s this? Isn’t Beerus supposed to be asleep?” accompany the sketches.


“V-Jump+” content is unlocked via the “Shōnen Jump+” website and mobile app. Codes are included in a sealed section within each V-Jump issue. Each code is single-use, meaning that a physical copy of the magazine must be purchased to view the bonus content, but once entered, the code unlocks the content across all devices used with the same “Shōnen Jump+” account. The content must be unlocked by the end of the month after the magazine’s release; after it is unlocked, however, it remains viewable through the user’s download history, even after it ceases to be advertised in the app’s table of contents.

The first chapter of Toyotarō’s Revival of “F” manga adaptation can be found within this week’s April 2015 issue of V-Jump (officially released today, 21 February 2015). Another two chapters will be printed within the May and June 2015 issues, respectively.

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