Podcast Episode #0375
Published by 05 March 2015, 3:38 PM EST

This is no longer the calm before the storm; we are in full-on madness mode as we approach next month’s Japanese theatrical debut for Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”…! This time around on the show, in addition to a bit of catching-up on various bits of Dragon Ball Kai and gaming news, we dive in to all the spoilerific information we have about the upcoming film. For those wishing to stay clear of movie information, worry not, for we provide a clear break in the show. For the rest of you, join us for another ride! It’s 2013 all over again!

Episode #0375! VegettoEX and Hujio discuss the current state of “Dragon Ball Kai” in Japan and abroad before catching up on some related news. For those of you keeping up with all the spoilers for the upcoming film, “Dragon Ball Z: Revival of ‘F'”, this is the episode for you! Tune in for a recap on all the new information we have, our analysis and breakdown, and then your own thoughts!


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  • RandomGuy96 says:

    Ah, a nice, long, meaty episode. Useful for playing in the background while doing some menial task. Anyway:

    -On Toriyama’s Hell: actually, we do know what Hell is like in the manga. Emna says that it’s like the Demon Realm, which is why he sent Dabra to Heaven. Because he’d hate Hell. That’s… not exactly compatible with the Hell shown in this movie.

    -On Freeza getting stronger: one, yes, I do have a problem with a ROSAT. Two, the ROSAT is still not comparable to this. The ROSAT was people with sparring partners and a special room, not to mention transformations, gaining a few times more power in years. Freeza’s version of this is training with no sparring partners for a mere 4 months, and somehow becoming thousands of times stronger just from that.

    -On Freeza never training: you said that Freeza’s absurdly effective training doesn’t contradict anything, because he never actually trained in his whole life, and so doing so for the very first time could actually make him that much stronger. The problem is, that’s using the movie’s logic to justify the movie’s logic. Manga-wise, we’re given every indication that Freeza has trained before. He knows tons of ki techniques, he is a skilled enough hand to hand fighter to keep up with Goku, he’s stated to be a skilled/experienced air combatant by Goku, and he has a transformation that clearly doesn’t fall under his normal “suppression” logic, that can raise his power. All of this seems very unlikely to be the case if he’s never trained a day in his whole life. Then there’s his comment about his father getting dust on him. What does he mean by that, if not training? Heck, if he knew about his enormous hidden power reserves all along, why not train after he got humiliated by Goku? Why not train to become stronger than Buu and Beerus? It’s take very little effort on his part if he thinks 4 months will let him surpass a level beyond Majin Buu.

    • shmike says:

      I’m hoping Frieza shows up and runs into Goten and Trunks first and gets confused and wonders how they grew younger.
      As for the Frieza pieces being alive, I thought more about it and it could be a factor of Frieza’s race that as long as cells are alive, Frieza’s still alive, even in pieces. Think of it this way: When Frieza got cut in half even after being split he still sees out of both eyes and even makes noises (at least in the dub) before he gets chopped into more pieces. Not to mention that Frieza survived getting cut in half AND getting half his head blown off when Namek exploded.
      This would also explain how Cell got his ability where he could survive if a few cells still exist, which coupled with Namekian regeneration, and Saiyan zenkais made him such a good adversary.

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