Fifth “Dragon Ball Kai” Majin Boo Arc Ending Theme Announced
Published by 10 March 2015, 9:34 PM EDT

The official Japanese website for Dragon Ball Kai has announced that the fifth ending theme song for the series’ Majin Boo arc will be provided by the all-female Japanese rock band Gacharic Spin, entitled “Don’t Let Me Down”. The new ending theme will replace “GALAXY” 05 April 2015, according to the band’s official Twitter account, and will most likely be the series’ final theme song.

The band’s second single, “Don’t Let Me Down”, will be released 27 May 2015. Included with their label’s official announcement were comments from the band’s four main members.

子供ながらに亀仙人のエッチなシーンが気になっていました。その時から私はセクシーに目覚めてしまったのかもしれません。 (オレオレオナ/Vo.&Key.)

When I was a kid, Kame-Sen’nin’s pervy scenes really got to me. Perhaps that’s when I first became aware of sexuality.
(Oreo Reona / vocals & keyboards)

小学生の頃、カメハメ波のマネをよくしていました。時代を超えて海外でも凄く人気のあるアニメに参加できて嬉しいです。 (はな/Vo.&Dr.)

Back when I was in grade school, I’d constantly pretend to do the Kamehameha. I’m happy to be a part of an anime that’s popular across the generations and even overseas.
(Hana / vocals & drums)

兄にバンド活動を反対されているのですが、ドラゴンボールが大好きなので、ついに見返せる時が来たかなと(笑)いつかアニメのテーマソングをやりたいと思っていましたが、それがドラゴンボールなんて夢見たい! (F チョッパー KOGA /Ba.)

My big brother never approved of me joining a band, but he’s a big Dragon Ball fan, so maybe I’ll finally get the last laugh! I’ve always wanted to do an anime theme song, but I never dreamed I’d get to do one for Dragon Ball!
(F Chopper KOGA / bass)

私は今年から自称宇宙人なので、一度戦ってみたいと思っていましたが、先にエンディングをやらせていただけるなんて戦意喪失です(笑) (TOMO-ZO/Gt.)

I’ve declared myself an alien as of this year, so I had wanted to try fighting just once, but getting to do the theme song first has really killed my fighting spirit (laughs).
(TOMO-ZO / guitar)

With this announcement, it is inevitable that the series will be continuing on much farther into the year than many had originally thought. When the first ending theme for the Majin Boo arc of Dragon Ball Kai was announced, the term “quarter(ly)” was used, and combined with the initial fast-pace of the Japanese broadcast versus the international “Final Chapters” version, it seems clear that the Japanese broadcast was heavily affected and adjusted for length along the way. The series is currently anticipated to run sometime into June or July, with a series total of approximately 158 to 160 episodes.

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